Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good Stress Bad Stress....

It's common to feel frenzied with a busy schedule, but it's possible to enjoy life and thrive with a hectic lifestyle - if it's loaded with good stress, the kind that's energising and motivating. How do you tell good stress from bad?

Stress that's good

Facing something with enough excitement to override any fears.

Having a filled-to-the-brim schedule that still contains several activities that you look forward to and enjoy doing.

Having more commitments that you care about - marriage, motherhood, valued employee and community volunteer.

Working towards a valued goal and knowing that life will slow down once you achieve it.

Feeling challenged and alert - primed to tackle the task at hand.

Being tired enough to get restful, deep sleep.

Stress that's bad

Facing something with a mixture of dread, worry and anxiety.

Having an overloaded schedule stuffed with obligations that you don't enjoy and wouldn't fulfil if you had a choice.

Feeling that what you do is unimportant, unfulfilling and not worth the effort and time.

Feeling out of control and overwhelmed, with no end in sight and no help on the horizon.

Wanting to stay in all the time rather than take a stab at getting through the day.

Having restless sleep, ulcers, back pain or recurrent illnesses.

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