Saturday, November 6, 2010

well..what i;m doing now..i'm struggle for my final many thing i have to cover head just seem gonna exploded..mybe too many toxic or uknown variable have been inserted into my mind..hahha..i guess.. all my friends..gud luck for your final..and my p/s: dun study too smart k..daa...c u...

Friday, August 13, 2010

aHlam wasahlam ya ramadhan..

idup ni sekejap je..pejam celik pejam celik dah jumpe ramadhan..
rase gumbire ssb dah set in mind after ramadhan is mmg sgt excited nk blik raye..even bju raye xde, belum nti rye tpakse pkai baju sad..

haha..cibuk dop citer sal rye..pose baru 3 hari..niat pn dh x betoi..

mls nk wrote pnjg2..pepun..hopefully thiz ramadhan will bring positive changes in my life..

happy ramadhan to all my frenz..

dun forget to be wise in your spending..
dun waste your money n especially your foods..
dun forget me k..

Saturday, July 24, 2010


since masuk sem bru ni, ak rse cam lonely jer..kawan2 seme dh separate..we're still in same class but hostel dh len2..dh makin juh..nk pi hang out pn rse xbbaloi kalu nk kna 'naik kaki'..berpeluh dlu kot baru nk sampai kk4 or our gengs call is hostel is at kk3 aka GAMBANG..our gengs..4 org kt kl and 4 lagi kat gmbng..
so funny..remember first day at ump,dak2 KL are very excited nk ajak kitorg visits their new hostel..want to promote la pergilah kt sana..just like doing LI visits..huhu..not bad..the room is very big..enough for 8 person..with small but tinggi with my loker..not bad..nmpak just nice je.sty 2gether...moreover..stay with own clasmate..but thats the pros..the cons is..they have to cross the highway..u knoe..kete bawak laju gler..skunk ak pn dh expert bab2 cross the street nie..n..the most thing ak xleh accept is kt kl always have water problems..air slalu xde..klu ade pn xlaju..pity at them..huhu..tpksa kna tadah air selalu..

tue moral of the story is bersyukurlah kite dimane pn we have to stay..masing2 da pros and cons..

Thursday, April 1, 2010


ble tgok marks mass..
tetibe je teringat lagu menyesal yg ost tasbih cinta..
pdahal xde kaitan lnsung pun..mbik mUd jer..
mmgla..urg kate sesal dhulu pndapatan sesal use
tpi aku nk myesal gk coz xstdy betoi2..
so, effectnye dpt low marks..
dh r mlm b4 exm tue da cls..blik cls kul 12.30
balik bilik da pe la TIDO la jwabnye..
esoknye.. pgi2 da bgun..
STUDY??...xdela..prepare tuk event ari tu..
event tue dr kul 8pgi smpai la 5.30 ptg..smpat selak buku gitu2 je..ntah
mmg kategori xprepare la...
mlm kul 8..test mass
jwab ntah ape2..mrkah pn dpt NTAH ape2..hmpeh..