Monday, September 1, 2008

TO BE A BETRAYAL???.....good question..

become a betrayal???
it's not a good attitute..

country?family?or friends?
i really don't know..
it hard for me to make a decision..bcoz i'm a loyal person..
i won't be a betrayal..never n ever

but...if i don't have any choice..
i'll choose....friends...
sorry friends..don't get angry with me ok.
i have to sacrifice you all..bcoz 4 me..
i can find more friends..although it was not same..
but i can't find a new country and new family..

country...i love MALAYSIA..
peace.... my strength...
my source of money...huhu

my advice..whatever happened....
never and ever be a betrayer..OR
you'll regret rest of your life...
peace bro....

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