Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what a friend means to me...

True friends are hard to find...I have heard many definitions of a friend..
but for myself..friend is someone that are always stand by myside..
always gives me support and understand what i was going through..
he or she never let me fall..
A true friendship makes my life so much better...
It is a different kind of relationship, and it is not like normal relationship such as,with brothers, sisters, parents, husband, wife, or kids.
True friendships are people who spend time together out of mutual respect and admiration, and not because they feel obligated.


A true friend would never leave me alone whether in my good or bad times...
i hate to be alone..

he or she don't have to tell me that they love me but rather show to me with the way they treat me and care for me...
i want a helpful friend..
My true friends share great memories and have great laughs together,

they have to know my likes and dislikes.

They have to keep company when i am in need of it, they share hugs.
They are like angels who save me from a broken heart.

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