Tuesday, October 28, 2008

tips to become rich

No matter which life stage you are in, you have a future ahead of you and you should not leave it to chance- you must plan for it. So what are your financial goals?

Here's a tip: "making a lot of money fast" is not necessarily a reasonable goal. Look ahead and think of when would you incur major expenditures.

When you think of your goals, you should think about your hopes and dreams, for yourself and your family. What do you hope to achieve in life? Possibly buy a home and send your children to college?
Or maybe you'd like to retire early and travel the world? And now compare the future dream with the current reality. Here are a few tips for planning for a secure future:

1. What you earn, what you spend
2. Set your goals
3. Budget for it
4. Spread your money
5. Make sure your money grows
6. Keep track of your track record
7. Don't lose your balance

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